Natural History & Photo Tours

Guide and photographer Hugh Rose

Hugh Rose

I have lived in northern climates most of my life, with the latter part of it in Fairbanks, Alaska. Compelled by Alaska’s natural beauty, I ditched a 10-year career in geology to explore and photograph the vast landscapes and wildlife of the north. Both nature and a camera have intrigued me since childhood and now, as a freelance nature photographer and natural history guide, I’ve been researching and planning tours for the past two decades.

This continuing process will result in more new and interesting locations. The following current trips are the fruits of my explorations and feature Alaska’s Arctic and other world destinations including the Galapagos and Antarctica. It is my goal to offer guided, small group trips to see and photograph unusual wildlife spectacles, great light, and stunning natural scenery.

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As a photographer Hugh has spent a significant part of his career photographing in the Arctic and feels that this environment offers some of the most incredible raw beauty in North America. His photographs have appeared in Sierra Club Calendars, NorthernLight Calendars, Denali Wilderness Calendars, National Trade Magazines, Frommer’s Travel Guide, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Outdoor Life, BBC, National Wildlife Federation, and numerous other publications.

2017 – 2108 Tours

Spring Migration

Wildlife and Bird Migration Photo Tour

  • May 6 – May 18, 2017: Guided by Hugh Rose
    Two weeks of incredible photography of marine and terrestrial mammals in the rainforest environment of Prince William Sound and viewing and photography of millions of migrating shorebirds on the Copper River Delta and in Prince William Sound

Incredible Alaska

North to South

Grand Alaska

Prince William Sound and Denali

Cheeseman’s Alaska Arctic

Aurora and Polar Bears

Arctic Alaska Photo Tour

Polar Bears, Northern Lights, Arctic Wildlife & Landscapes

Alaska Polar Bears Photo Tour

Cheeseman’s Falkland Islands – Antarctic Penninsula

  • Feb 1 – 18, 2018: Seven Island circuit in the Falkland Islands with Cheesemans Ecology Safaris and Hugh Rose as Expedition leader
  • Feb 18 – Mar 4, 2018: Antarctic Peninsula Deep South with Cheesemans Ecology Safaris and Hugh Rose as Expedition Staff

Enchanted Galapagos Islands

  • April 1 – 11, 2018: Enchanted Galapagos Islands Depart/Return Quito Ecuador (Space Available)
  • Small group of 12-13 participants
  • Guided by Hugh Rose